Code of Conduct


Honesty, integrity and trustworthiness

Fairness and respect

Due care and diligence.

Good faith and objectivity.

Advertise products and services in a simple manner that does not deceive or mislead the public.

Provide impartial advice on what insurance policies may be appropriate for the prospective policyholders.

Explain the principal details of the insurance policy(ies) under consideration (e.g. limit, deductible, exclusions etc.).

Avoid applying undue pressure on prospective policyholders to purchase their products.

Provide competent and courteous sales and service to policyholders.

Assist the policyholder in promptly processing legitimate insurance claims.

Help a policyholder in filing a complaint to an insurance company and in resolving that complaint.

Prompt remittance of agreed sums received to insurance companies.

Avoid over dependence on one insurance company.